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"Possessing a highly reputable roofing reputation, we provide a first class roofing service for residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout London."

We supply a number of roof materials that provide an immediate temporary or permanent solution to a leaking roof.

Flat roofs - high performance built up felt system
New roofs - plain tiles / interlocking tiles / slates / clay tile / concrete tiles etc
uPVC roof line - facia boards / soffit / guttering etc
Single Ply Roofing Systems
Rubberised Roofing Systems

Rubber Roofing:
Using Firestone EPDM we can offer a rubber roofing solution for all flat roofs This product offers unmatched resistance to ozone, UV radiation, extremes of low and high temperatures, and ultimately ageing. Installation is relatively quick and can come in sheet sizes up to 15m in width and 61m in length, resulting in fewer seams and therefore less installation time. This product is also environmentally friendly.

Liquid Roofing Systems:
Using this system we can create a high performance, all weather coating designed for waterproofing all types of flat and pitched roofs. The system is made up of two layers of aliphatic moisture triggered polyurethanes the first coat being Poly-Tech E.C. as an embedment coat.

On all flat roof applications Thortex Premier 100 gm Reinforcing Mat is incorporated into the Poly-Tech E.C. over the whole roof area.

On pitched roof applications only local reinforcing or joints and overlaps is required before being encapsulated by Poly-Tech E.C. This is then fully encapsulated with Thortex Poly-Tech U.V. to provide a UV stable finish coat in a choice of colours. The Poly-Tech E.C./U.V. system can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

See our pictures below which demonstrates that this can be similarly used for certain flooring aspects i.e. plant room floors, laid over either asphalt, concrete or other mineral material floors. (Click pictures to enlarge)


Having completed many large contracts at both Charing Cross Hopsital and Hillingdon Hospital, below are some examples of our projects.

Charing Cross Hospital

A-Z were required to replace the entire roof (approx 600 sq m) above the newly updated cancer screening unit. Careful planing was required in order to protect the specialised unit below, safegaurding it from any leaks during construction. The existing entire asphalt roof had to be removed, back down to the original concrete surface. A layer of 100mm Kingspan insulation, complete with plywood decking top layer was then layed. Following on from this was a layer of EPDM rubber roofing was then laid, with all joints vulcanised, sealing them and making them watertight. When using this material, no heat source is required to lay the roofing, reducing any fire risks.

Existing air conditioning units were raised and the EPDM was fited underneath before reinstalling the units, enabling the extractor fans to continue in use during the entire project.

Drains were added to the roof at a later stage, as shown in the pictures below, requiring the EPDM to be cut and then made water tight. Venting pipes and collars were also added and vulcanised at this stage. In order to complete the roof, the outer edge was fitted with railings around the perimeter.(Click images to enlarge)


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